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In such cases, use the Calculation and Logic block and put the TEXT formula (of excel) to convert the date to the required format. Then, use the variable of this block during the PDF configuration for a defined output.

Syntax: TEXT(@ datevariable,"DD-MMM-YYYY")

We have the Live Tracking block for that. It traces the path of travel during the tracking and also returns the distance traveled. The same can be used to calculate the fuel reimbursement amount and for other purposes.
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Is live tracking of users supported using the GPS Block?
Is live tracking of users supported using the GPS Block?

You can auto-fetch the user's current location without any clicks following the configuration as mentioned in the screenshot below.

Can i get the location when the get time is pressed so that the user was on that location on that time an he didn't input first the time and later the location.


Yes, by switching the option "Default to current location" and turning off the option to change the location manually in the "GPS Location" block it can be achieved. It populates the default location of the user and does not allow to change of the coordinates. This way the location at the time of submission can be populated.
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Can I track user's location when they made submissions in Clappia apps?