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You will have to access the Submissions for that.

Click on the submissions button >>Click on the particular submission for which you want to view the uploaded images and then on the right panel the images will appear.

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Where do I find the uploaded files/images?
Where do I find the uploaded files/images?

Yes, by switching the option "Default to current location" and turning off the option to change the location manually in the "GPS Location" block it can be achieved. It populates the default location of the user and does not allow to change of the coordinates. This way the location at the time of submission can be populated.
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Can I track user's location when they made submissions in Clappia apps?


In the "Camera, Image & Files" block you can select the file type as Image and turn on the option to Allow only camera uploads. That way you can force the end-user to capture photos using a mobile/web camera only.
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Can I force the users to upload photos only by using the Camera from app?